Sag Fighter


The Sag Fighter™is an industrial-grade, solid state, electronic voltage sag corrector – active voltage conditioner that operates without batteries or energy storage.


Industrial-grade means that the Sag Fighter™is compatible with all load types and load power factors and provides a minimum 1000% fault clearing capability. Unlike computer-grade products or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the Sure-Volt™is designed for frequent high inrush current and low power factor loads without the need to over-size the product or to sacrifice reliability.


The Sag Fighter™provides the following features:
     Sag protection compliant with SEMI -F47
     Full sag correction within 2 milliseconds
     Sag correction duration independent of load or power factor
     Sag correction for a minimum of 100 seconds
     Bypass operation is not required for high inrush or overload currents
     Continuous protection without the need to recharge or reset
     Non-continuous inverter operation increases reliability and provides 99% efficiency
     Battery-free design


The Sag Fighter™consists of a three phase transformer with each of its secondary windings connected in series between the source (incoming line) and the load(s). Load current flows through the secondary windings of the transformer while the unit operates in a “monitoring” mode with the primary of the transformer shorted through SCR switches.


The Sag Fighter™continuously monitors the input voltage waveform for any deviation from a balanced, three phase voltage. Upon sensing a deviation, the Sag Fighter™engages an inverter circuit to apply an injection voltage to the primary windings of the series connected transformer. The injection voltage is synthesized with a magnitude, shape, and phase angle such that when added in series with the incoming voltage, a balanced, three phase voltage results. When a normal, three phase incoming voltage is detected at the input of the Sag Fighter™, the inverter circuit is disengaged and the unit returns to the monitoring mode.


The Sag Fighter™is thermally rated to provide continuous correction for a voltage sag, although this is not normally required.


The Sag Fighter ™uses natural convection cooling and has no fans or other moving parts, however larger units may include heat sink fans that operate only when sag correction occurs. An automatic electronic failsafe bypass in the Sag Fighter™maintains power to the load in the event of a unit malfunction.


The Sag Fighter ™works automatically to correct voltage sags with no operator effort or programming required. The unit display provides information on the unit status and timestamps sag correction events while alarm contacts are provided to permit remote indication of unit status.


Installation of the Sure-Volt™is simple. The unit arrives completely assembled and requires no programming, testing, measuring, setting of switches or internal wiring. It installs much like a dry-type transformer – placing the unit and making input and output wiring connections. The Sag Fighter™requires no regularly scheduled maintenance


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