The Sure-Volt™is an industrial-grade, microprocessor-controlled, electronic tap switching voltage regulator using a non-full power semiconductor design. The unit continuously monitors the output voltage, and very quickly switches transformer taps when the voltage falls outside of the regulation range. The Sure-Volt™works automatically to regulate voltage and condition power with no operator effort or programming required. In the event of a malfunction, the automatic bypass actuates to isolate the power electronics and controls while maintaining power to the load and all other functionality except voltage regulation.


Industrial-grade means that the Sure-Volt™is compatible with all load types and load power factors and provides a minimum 1000% fault clearing capability. Unlike computer-grade products, the Sure-Volt™is designed for frequent high inrush current and low power factor loads without the need to over-size the product or to sacrifice reliability.


The Sure-Volt™provides the following features:
     Highest overload capacity available for compatibility with all loads types
     Highest fault clearing capacity available for reliable operation of protective devices
     Best warranty in the industry - 5 year limited warranty against SCR failure
     97 to 99% efficiency for nearly all of the load range
     Continuous load current - no load current interruption on tap switching
     Very fast response to quickly correct under/over voltage, sags, and swells
     Automatic failsafe electronic bypass eliminates load current interruption in the event of a malfunction
     Zero moving parts and fan-free design for increased reliability and no scheduled maintenance
     Independent phase regulation for correction of voltage imbalance
     Surge suppression and input circuit breaker are standard


The standard Sure-Volt™uses natural convection cooling, solid state components and has no fans or other moving parts. No regularly scheduled maintenance is required.


Installation of the Sure-Volt™is simple. The unit arrives completely assembled and requires no programming, testing, measuring, setting of switches or internal wiring. It installs much like a dry-type transformer – placing the unit and making input and output wiring connections.


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